Outback Adventure, Inc. is an outdoor adventure program for youth with headquarters in Highland Village, TX. Outback Adventure focuses on youth development by fostering leadership skills, self-confidence, problem-solving skills, communication skills, teamwork, and trust in an outdoor environment, away from the daily distractions of TV, Internet & radios.

Every day our youth face tough challenges from our fast paced society. In order to succeed they must possess essential life skills like the ability to set and achieve goals, communicate, make decisions, and solve problems. Without these skills teens can begin to feel inadequate and become vulnerable to peer pressure. Our goal is to teach essential life skills to youth as they experience adventures in the outdoors. We want to be involved in their development and give them a ‘responsible set of peers’ to turn to as they struggle to mature and gain their natural independence from their parents.

Through our challenging programs, including mountain biking, orienteering, hiking, trail running and kayaking, we give them opportunities to challenge themselves physically and mentally and develop these relevant life skills in a natural setting where fellow peers and mentors can become ‘great role models’. The outdoors provides memorable experiences and opportunities for the youth’s strengths and weaknesses to come forth.

The outdoor programs put youth in a natural environment where the rules are different. Age, money, clothes, status, gender, ethnicity, and other factors that define who we are in our lives, count for very little in the outdoors. What matters in the outdoors are the central qualities of honesty, integrity, confidence, respect, and a strong sense of self-worth. Outback Adventure will strive to promote and develop these qualities in every youth.

The activities are funded through contributions from the general public, grants and program fees. Currently, program fees are generated from two branches: Get Out – Durango, and Get Out – Highland Village. Other funding is raised through fundraiser events (i.e. trail runs, adventure races) to directly benefit the youth program.

Future goals are to develop a women’s program and a program for the elderly or physically impaired.  For these two groups, we will provide an outdoor experience in a non-intimidating, hands-on adventure into the outdoors. This program will include the same challenges and activities as the youth, but the emphasis will be on teaching essential outdoor skills in a non-intimidating manner and promoting physical fitness in an outdoor environment.

In the women’s programs, we will have group sessions involving various activities where women can meet other women interested in the outdoors, and find training partners and friends.

The goals for the elderly or health-impaired individuals will be catered to each individual and approached at various paces, depending on each individual’s needs.  Our staff will be available to assist the individual with the fitness programming, and to help achieve the goal, one step at a time.  This programming will be designed for those with special physical needs, but with a mind that has no limits.

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